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Warranty Terms and Conditions:

We offer a 3/6 months Warranty (2500 miles & 5000 miles retrospectively) on the Engine and Gearbox on all vehicles sold for the full advertised price. Vehicles that have any amount of discount applied will have their warranty revoked, this does not affect the customer’s statutory rights.

The warranty covers the vehicle’s main engine interior components such as pistons, cylinder head, valves, crankshaft, camshaft and oil pan.

Items not included are cylinder head gasket, clutch, flywheel and any other component not listed in the covered items section. Consequential loss is not covered under this warranty scheme. This warranty does not cover any type of fluid leaks i.e. oil leak, coolant leak, central hydraulic fluid leak, brake fluid leak, fuel leak.

This warranty also does not cover smoking engines. This warranty serves the purpose of rectifying vehicles that have broken down during the on-cover warranty period or miles driven.

Part Exchange Vehicles

If we accept a vehicle in exchange, the buyer must report any problems he/she is aware of including whether the vehicle has any outstanding finance, whether the car has suffered any accidents regardless if it was registered on the insurance database or not and if the vehicle has mechanical or electrical malfunctions.

If something is later found out that was not reported, the warranty on the vehicle the customer is purchasing will be invalidated.

Our Warranty Covers:


Oil pump, Crankshaft, Big end bearings, Main bearings, Thrust bearings, Camshaft & camshaft followers, Tappet gear, Valves & Valve guides, Pistons, Gudgeon pins, Con Rods, Piston rings, cylinder head, Distributor drive, Oil seals, Gaskets.


All internal components including Main shaft, Lay gear, All gears, Syncro-hub assemblies, Baulk rings, Needle rollers, Bearings, Oil seals, Gaskets including complete mechanical coverage of internal failure to overdrive limits but excluding all external linkage.


Internal components in all types of drive axle including Crown wheel and Pinion, Half shafts (internal bearings), Gaskets, Oil seals.


Water pump, Head Gasket, Thermostat & thermostat housing, Radiator.


Starter motor, Dynamo/Alternator


Failure of the Clutch plate, Clutch cover & Thrust bearing but excluding oil contamination of the clutch plate.

Work is to be carried out by the seller, or their appointed agents, and it is the responsibility of the customer to get the vehicle to where they purchased it.

We do not provide breakdown cover and therefore the customer is to arrange the recovery of the vehicle back to the garage.

The guarantee becomes void if it is found that any other outside persons or bodies have tampered in any way with the components covered under the terms of the guarantee. If any work or servicing is carried out with the terms of this guarantee the customer must pay his/her proportion of the cost before the vehicle is released back to them.

This guarantee covers cars or light commercials only. In no event does the warranty cover any vehicle used for motor sports or trials, self-drive hire, hackney carriages, or driving school cars.

ND Motors provides Engine and Gearbox warranty from 3 (2500miles) to 6 (5000miles) months with a commencement date on the day of sale, warranty term will be noted on sales invoice.

This warranty covers main internal parts of Engine and Gearbox as described below.

Any repair work covered by the warranty will be carried out by ND Motors elected mechanics.

The maximum claim amount is 14% of the price of the vehicle purchased including parts and labour. Should any repair exceed this amount, the buyer must pay the excess amount.

Although, we are also happy to cover other important components listed above for a fraction of the cost. If sudden and unforeseen issues become apparent during the 1 to 3 months, we are happy to offer discount labour costs of repair for any of the above-mentioned items that are NOT INCLUDED in the standard warranty.

Parts NOT covered on the warranty:

Vehicle with automatic transmission is not covered under warranty.

Parts where maintenance and service are overdue according to manufacturer schedule i.e. Timing belt snaps on vehicle that does not have a timing belt replacement record or is due, will not be covered.

We would love to be able to cover everything on your vehicle. Unfortunately, certain parts, such as serviceable items or those exposed to high wear and tear, aren’t covered by our warranty. These are as follows:

Automatic transmissions i.e. DSG, Powershift, Dual clutch systems, CVT transmissions

ABS ring

ABS sensors

Air Suspension


Airbag material and mechanism

All light units, bulbs, and bulb holders

All service components and items that require periodic replacement

All wiring, wiring looms, and harnesses

Any non-mechanical or non-electrical items

Amplifiers and speakers

Air-Con systems including compressor and lines, ‘o’ rings.

Bodywork chassis, glass, and plastics

Bolts, fixings, brackets, rods, hoses, and pipes

Brake linkage, frictional materials, brake , brake sensors, brake callipers, pads, drums, and discs

Burnt valves

Cambelt or camchain (rattling, tapping or broken)

Car telephone systems

Coolant hoses and pipes

CV boot/gaiter

DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)


Engine and gearbox mountings

EGR Valve (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)

Exhaust components

Exterior trim/interior trim

External damage of any kind

External gearbox linkage

Front and rear windscreen heater elements

Front and rear wiper linkage

Fuel tanks/lines, incorrect fueling

Gaskets, oil seals, and oil leaks

Intercooler pipes and radiator

Keys and remote fobs, alarms, and immobilisers

Light units or bulbs of any kind

Manual handbrake and mechanism (all components)

Mirror glass & mirror units, if impact has caused damage to the motor unit

Oil supply & feed pipes

Propeller Shafts

Perished pulley dampers

Power-hood and sunroofs (except motors)

Road wheels and tyres

Radio systems

Rusted components

Seat belt webbing, buckles, and fixings

Shock Absorber

Towing Equipment


TPMS (Tyre pressure monitoring system)

Damage caused by water ingress

Valve stem seals

Wheel bearing